If you enjoy working with children, and want to make a difference in their lives by providing quality care and learning experiences from your own nurturing home environment, then family day care could be your career of choice!

A flexible and rewarding career … at home!

Combine your passion for children with the opportunity to create a financially rewarding, professional home based career as an early childhood educator.

While several models of employment exist within family day care, in most cases you will enjoy the flexibility of running your own business with the support and guidance of your approved service. Based on the demand in your area and the policies of your approved service, you will often determine your hours of work and your fees and charges.

You will also develop tailored educational programs for your children based on their individual developmental needs, interests and experiences.

An exciting change from centre based employment

If you are an early childhood professional working in a centre based environment, you may enjoy the freedom and flexibility offered by family day care to shape your career and your learning environment

A new career

With a commitment to training and professional development, family day care can offer you the opportunity to start a rewarding new career with the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your own family.

A growing profession

With the changing and ever increasing childcare needs of Australian working families, family day care services have never been in such demand. Furthermore, with family day care’s inclusion under the National Quality Framework and a growing awareness of the many unique benefits of the service, family day care is fast becoming the option of choice in early childhood education and care.